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Randalstown Central Primary School

Special Needs


In Randalstown Central we endeavour to help all our pupils achieve their full academic potential.

Special Needs provision is a way in which we can support our pupils who are finding difficulty with Literacy and/or Numeracy.

We believe that the best way to help our pupils is to have a fully integrated approach, with Miss McCurdy our Special Needs Co-ordinator and Mr Charlwood our Assessment Co-ordinator keeping track of all the pupils and ensuring that …

  • There is ongoing differentiation for the range of  ability levels in each class.
  • Appropriate Individual Education Plans (IEP’s) are set for pupils who are experiencing difficulty.
  • One-to-one Intervention is put in place to support pupils who need individualised teaching.
  • Parents are informed of the support being put in place for their child.

We believe that pupils who require additional one-to-one support in literacy and/or numeracy, achieve much more when they receive support on a regular, preferably daily basis.

As such, Randalstown Central is offering three programmes of one-to-one intervention to cover the key skills within literacy and numeracy.


In Literacy we offer the ‘Toe By Toe’ reading programme to support children experiencing literacy difficulties. 

Children are offered a daily 15 minute one-to-one withdrawal session with Mrs McClean, who has been trained to run the programme.


About ‘Toe By Toe’

‘Toe By Toe’ is a multisensory teaching method developed over 25 years.  It is a methodical, gradual, structured, measurable way of supporting children who have difficulty reading.

‘Toe By Toe’ teaches children to read by dividing words into syllables.

Early exercises are limited to simple phonic words to reinforce existing knowledge.  In later exercises children will be introduced to words unlikely to be part of their vocabulary in order to practise their word-building skills





In Numeracy we offer two programmes to support children experiencing numeracy difficulties, depending on pupil age.

For Primary 1 to 3 pupils we offer a ‘Numicon-Breaking Barriers’ programme, where children are offered a daily 15 minute one-to-one withdrawal session with Miss Neill, who has been trained to run the programme.


About ‘Numicon’

‘Numicon’ is a multi-sensory mathematics teaching programme using visual Numicon images in a series of practical teaching activities. When Numicon patterns are arranged in order, pupils begin to notice important connections between numbers for instance that each number is one more than the last and one fewer than the next, odd and even numbers and place value. Numicon illustrates number bonds, addition and subtraction, place value, doubling and halving, estimation, division and multiplication.



For Primary 4 to 7 pupils we offer the ‘The Power of 2’ programme, where children are offered a 15 minute one-to-one withdrawal session with Mr Charlwood, three times a week.


About ‘Power of 2’  

‘Power of 2’ is a structured programme which teaches, through repetition all the mental maths required in school, and through its use enables pupils to access the full maths curriculum. Power of 2 is essentially about putting in place the building blocks of number and developing skills with mental calculations.