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Randalstown Central Primary School

Summer Project 1 - Refurbishment Of The Staffroom.

25th Jul 2017
The Staffroom was in great need of being refurbished. Now that every classroom in the school has been repainted in recent years, it was time for the staffroom for a makeover.   The room hadn't been painted for well over 15 years...and was showing its age with bright blue paint at the bottom, bright yellow at the top of the room and a white ceiling.   It now has a warm cream ceiling and walls and a deep rich purple or plum for the lower walls, cupboard fronts and noticeboards.   I even managed to rope in my big son to spray paint the radiators.   And the room is finished off with a new dark charcoal carpet.   A big thanks to Trevor for organising the purchase of and the laying of the carpet.   And a big thank you to Mr William Selfridge for the loan of his scaffolding, without which there was no way for me to paint the ceiling.