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Randalstown Central Primary School

Questions to be answered in P7

23rd Nov 2020

In Primary 7 we have been discussing what an archaeologist is and the kind of work they do.

Primary 7 took on the role of historical detectives last week thinking about the importance of asking questions and deciding what they needed to know. They also considered how evidence can be used to answer questions and build a picture. They studied ‘artefacts’ to piece together the background of a person and match these clues to known facts to identify who the artefacts belonged to.
For the final activity of the day, the children looked at four exhibits. Each exhibit was the contents of a different rubbish bin, the children had to identify who they thought the bin may have belonged to and what it told them about the person. They then thought of questions they would want to ask to find out more.
It was fantastic to hear the different interpretations and see how the children linked them to the evidence.