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Randalstown Central Primary School

Busy Bees - Goldilocks and the Three Bears

21st Apr 2021

The Busy Bees have had so much fun this morning! As a ‘hook’ for our new Talk for Writing story- Goldilocks and the Three Bears- we made some porridge. The children chopped and sliced the fruit for the toppings all by themselves. They then helped Miss Pedlow measure out the oats and milk to make the porridge, before giving it a big stir and putting it in the microwave. We loved seeing how the mixture changed as it cooked. Whilst it cooled, we shared the Goldilocks story. Finally, it was time to choose our toppings and taste the yummy porridge. Miss Pedlow is so proud of everyone for trying some porridge. Most of the Busy Bees gobbled theirs up!