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Randalstown Central Primary School

Anti-Bullying Odd Socks In Primary 1 & Busy Bees

20th Nov 2020

The children in Busy Bees and Primary 1 worked very hard this week, learning about how to be good friends, as part of “Anti Bullying Week”. We read a book called “Fill a Bucket” which told us about lots of kind things we can do to make our friends happy. After that we drew pictures about how we could make each other happy. We then “published” our own “Fill a Bucket” book. Today we had great fun wearing odd socks to school. Mrs McKane relived the 80s fashion with her mismatched leg warmers!

We also read a book called “Is that what Friends do?” This led to a very interesting Circle Time where we discussed how to be a good friend. We were so impressed with the children’s suggestions, that we deigned a “Good Friend” poster to put up in our classroom to remind us how to be a good friend. Great work, Primary 1 and Busy Bees!